Monday, March 30, 2015



Come together
Yeah come together
Yeah come together
Yeah come together
Yeah come together
Yeah come together
Yeah come together
Yeah oh
Come together
Yeah come together

Regards, Janise xx


Dear Friends:
We all want a Bar that controls its expenses, listens to its Members, and provides tools for being successful in a tough economy.  
I have an unbeatable background of working for the State and service to the legal profession.  
I pledge to help give the BAR back to its Members.
Regards, Janise xx


Janise Macanas
Statement of Candidacy

Dear Friends,

It's Bar Election time, beginning April 1.


Regards, Janise xx

Saturday, March 28, 2015


 We need to get it straight!

I believe the Bar Commission should follow three core values:

1.   transparency in operations, 
2.  efficiency with membership dues 
3.  responsiveness to member needs


Regards, Janise xx

Friday, March 27, 2015


I was born and raised in Hawaii on the North Shore.  

Life is a lot like the beach.  
If you get knocked down, no problem, just get up and rise again.

And have fun while doing it!


Regards, Janise xx

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Give Justice the WIN!

Help AND JUSTICE FOR ALL win $10,000 this Love Utah Give Utah

Dear Utah friends:  

Please help show how much the legal community loves justice with Love Utah Give Utah! 

Please pledge now to donate to Utah's 24-hour day of giving this March 26th. Pledging just $10 (or more) now will make a big difference And Justice For All clients.

ALL Love Utah Give Utah donations will be matched 2x (up to $5,500) by
generous supporters Gary and Darlene Sackett and Robert Lence!

Help And Justice For All win a $10,000 prize for having the most unique donors that day. Your generous support last year helped us win 4th place, and raised enough for 200 protective orders, including Kris's in the video below.

This year, Give Justice THE WIN!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


“AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” serves as an umbrella organization for Utah’s nonprofit civil legal aid agencies-—the Disability Law Center, Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake, and Utah Legal Services. The mission for each of these organizations is to provide legal services to low-income and disabled Utahans. 

The mission of “AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” is to increase access to civil legal services for the disadvantaged and for individuals with disabilities in Utah by creating and sustaining resources to support civil legal services, sharing and consolidating resources so that services are delivered in a cost-efficient and effective manner, and strengthening the member agencies and the distinct roles they play in the delivery of civil legal assistance.

To find out more about our 15 years of strengthening civil legal aid organizations, providing efficient services, increasing legal community support and making history as the first organization in the nation to bring all state civil legal aid providers under one roof, please click on the corresponding links below.


Community Legal Center


Lawyers and Poverty

"Across the country, legal services attorneys play a largely hidden but essential role as first responders to American poverty. The family facing foreclosure after falling behind on the mortgage when both Mom and Dad lost their jobs in the recession. The mother of three, fleeing domestic abuse, who desperately needs a protective order to keep herself and her children safe. The woman with stage four cancer and six months to live, who has been wrongfully denied Social Security and Medicare. Without legal services, they would have nowhere to turn."

Friday, March 20, 2015

Stats from U.S. News

S. J. Quinney College of Law is 
ranked #49 by U.S. News

Quick Stats

332 S. 1400 E, Room 101
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


per year (full-time, in-state)

per year (full-time, out-of-state)

Law School Overview

The S.J. Quinney College of Law at University of Utah has an application deadline of February 15. The full-time program application fee at the S.J. Quinney College of Law at University of Utah is $60. Its tuition is full-time: $23,489 per year (in-state) and full-time: $44,635 per year (out-of-state). The student-faculty ratio is 8.4:1. The S.J. Quinney College of Law at University of Utah has 67 full- and part-time faculty on staff.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

U of U Law - Construction Update

 The new U of U Law School is nearing completion and everything looks fantastic! 

Some of my lawyer BFF's, including 2 judges, all U of U Law alumni (except me!!) donned hardhats, protective glasses, and bright neon vests to take a tour of the new school building.

Some of the most interesting features are full-size lockers for each student, an exercise and shower room, a nursing room for mothers, and an impressive auditorium that will hold 450. 

 6 floors up, view of the stadium, corner of future deck

Inside core; the interior will be comprised of glass walls and panels giving
it a very spacious and airy feel.  


construction guy on stilts!

A view from one of the classrooms --
will it be distraction?  

The southwest corner of the top floor with an
equally amazing view of Salt Lake City.

Thanks to U of U Law for letting us tour!

Mississippi Judge Bars Public Defenders from Representing Clients

Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) is asking the Department of Justice to investigate recent events in Hinds County, Mississippi, where a judge is refusing to allow public defenders to represent their clients in his court.

Judge Jeffrey Weill seems to believe public defenders should be more deferential to him and less passionate in the representation of their clients.  Apparently disapproving of the zealous advocacy of one public defender, Judge Weill removed the attorney from all of her cases.  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ever wondered about Chinese lawyers?

Nine Chinese lawyers take a stand against China's   "Four Absolute Nos" in Chinese universities:

1.  Under no circumstances allow into our classrooms any teaching materials that spread Western value systems.
2.  Under no circumstances permit any discussion that attacks or defames the Party's leaders or smears socialism to take place in college classrooms.
3.  Under no circumstances permit any discussion that violates the Constitution or laws to spread in college classrooms.
4.  Under no circumstances permit instructors to grouse and complain in the classroom, or inculcate a bad mood amongst the student body.

Interesting article about two rival law schools in Minnesota

Read here about two longtime rival Minnesota law schools that have announced plans to merge:

Hamline University School of Law

William Mitchell College of Law

Minnesota State Bar Association President Richard Kyle explains "the landscape for legal education has changed significantly, and law schools are looking for ways to adapt."

William Mitchell announced on it's website "The union will bring together two law schools that have shaped Minnesota's legal landscape for more than a combined 154 years..."

Both schools are ranked lower tier (William #135; Hamline #121 per U.S. News).

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sundance 2015 - "Cartel Land"

Each January in Utah, the Sundance Film Festival attracts the most innovative directors and creative storytellers to a 10-day celebration of the best independent films in the industry. 

It has always been fun to see which movie stars and celebrities will travel to Park City during the dead of winter.  

We really enjoyed the premier showing of "Cartel Land", a gritty documentary about the drug cartels south of the border.  

"Cartel Land" won for Best Directing (Matthew Heineman) 

and Special Jury Award for Cinematography (Matthew Heineman and Matt Porwoll).

Read the review of Cartel Land here

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Think Big in 2015

It is time to resurrect this blog and start the new year thinking BIG!  Watch ahead for exciting developments!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mandatory Electronic Filing on Criminal Cases starts March 31

For all criminal attorneys - in case you have not heard, as of MARCH 31, 2014, all documents other than the Information are to be electronically filed in district court criminal cases.

Informations will be electronically filed as of January 1, 2015.

This new rule becomes effective October 28, 2013 under Rule 2-205.
(Subject to change after the comment period)  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bar Photo ID Cards

I checked out the Utah State Bar website and found out that the Bar has moved to a photo- ID card for members of the Utah State Bar. The new photo ID card is now issued as part of the newly admitted attorney process.  The old, non-photo ID cards are being phased out.
You can elect to not have an image on the card but that may impact your ability to access law enforcement areas such as the jails or the use of court access lines that are dedicated to attorneys.

If you want to get a photo ID card, it will cost you FIVE BUCKS ($5) 

You can take care of it in person (it will take about 10 minutes to be completed) :

Utah Law & Justice Center
645 South 200 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
p: 801.531.9077
M-F 8:00 - 5:00, closed for State and Federal holidays.

Or you can do it online:  Photo ID for $5
You will need to fill out a form and submit a photo, then pick up your card.

A lot of the state bars are moving in this direction. 

By the way, some state bars do not charge for cards like this one or this one

And some state bars do not have photo IDs.

As soon as I get my new photo ID card, I will let you know what it looks like.


Friday, October 18, 2013


"The Utah State Bar Board of Bar Commissioners and the Utah State Bar would like to congratulate Ms. Janise Macanas on her election as the new Commissioner for the 3rd Division which represents Tooele, Salt Lake, and Summit Counties. Ms. Macanas will be filling the vacancy left by Mr. James D. Gilson after his election to President-Elect of the Utah State Bar."

Thank you everyone for voting and for your encouragement and support. 

What next?  I am still finding out what my commissioner assignments will be. 

I want to remain in touch with you so we can exchange information and get your input.  The Bar will not give me your email addresses so the only way to reach attorneys is through this blog or if I have you in my email contact list. 

Watch this blog for updates and announcements.  

Please feel free to contact me at

Mahalo nui loa, Janise


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thumbs Up!


"Hi Janise:  I sent this message to all the attorneys in our office:

Dear Attorneys: If you are unsure for whom to vote for bar commissioner, I would highly recommend Janise Macanas. Very smart and dedicated, and she was universally liked in law school, and has been at the AG's office, where she's also universally liked,  for her entire career." 

Thanks for sending us a 1:45 a.m. e-mail. That time stamp alone earned you a vote from every attorney in this office. But seriously, we are all voting for you because you are amazing. You have always been a complete joy and delight to work with. You understand our clients’ issues and you see the big picture. Don’t forget about us when you’re a hot shot Bar Commissioner. J


"Janise, below is actual proof that I voted - even half way around the world [Iraq]- and I voted for you! Best of luck" 
"I must add my name to those who strongly support Ms. Macanas. I have worked with and around her for many years I can and will say that she is thoughtful, considerate, bright, helpful and would add significantly to any commission she might be elected to and serve."
"To my Facebook friends who are members of the Third Judicial District in Utah:
Please vote for Janise Macanas in the upcoming Commission election. She has been a great friend, mentor and advocate to and for me. She is not afraid to raise her voice against politics and is driven to help promote diversity in the bar at many levels. She is not afraid to speak up and is a government employee.  Vote for someone who will actually represent what you want. The Commission needs her to keep people on track and will work hard to represent you. Let's show the Commission that people will vote and want Janise." 
Facebook: "She's the only candidate that addressed the issues. The other three seemed to rely on vague ideas." 

"You'd be very good. Hope you get elected."

"Hi Janise, I do not know you, but I voted for you for a bar commissioner position.
After reviewing each of the candidates for bar commissioner, I see that you are most qualified. I cast my vote, after going through the interesting steps to re-obtain the login and password."

"Janise, I am so thrilled you are running for bar commissioner. Let me know how I can help. I already put your message on Facebook and got lots of likes and positive comments."


"So delighted to see someone from the AG's Office is running, I voted for you and hope you win.  I am telling everyone I know that we need your talents, skills, and expertise on the commission.  And you are the most real and down to earth candidate out there."


"Janise, I told everyone here to vote for you, can't wait to see how you will rock the commission. "


"Janise, You are the most interesting bar commish candidate, and I'm rooting for you.

Sending good thoughts (and votes) your way. I know elections are so tough. I don’t know if my opinion counts (because I’ve never even heard of your competition), but I think you will win! Good luck. I’ll be sending you happy thoughts.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Don't waste your POWER

Dear Friends:

If you play video games, you know how you start out on the journey, things start getting tough, you meet opposition, and then ta-dah, you suddenly have the chance to get more coins, fly and jump, be a super ninja, and you are super-charged? 

If you are a serious gamer, use it or lose it, because soon you will be back to normal, and the extra power disappears. 

Just like video games, we are halfway through elections, and you are super-charged.  You have the POWER OF ONE VOTE.  Use it or lose it, folks, after the polls close Oct.11, it will be back to normal. 

Winners only win when people with the POWER OF ONE VOTE, collectively use their POWER.

There are thousands of attorneys out there who hold the POWER don't waste your POWER of ONE VOTE.

Without an election, the Bar would simply appoint commissioners to represent you.  Don't waste your POWER.

Thanks to all those who have already used their POWER and voted for me!  Janise 


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Alert!! Online Ballot Glitch & How to Solve It

Online ballots for the 3rd District Bar Elections were emailed to attorneys on Sept. 26 Attorneys reported to me that they did not get my campaign messages or their ballots from the Bar.  I did not get my own message or ballot and had to go and track it down so I could vote for myself-- and yes, it was a huge pain!

I reported the glitch to the Bar, but in the meantime, polls close Oct 11 at 5pm, so here is how to bypass the glitch and vote before the deadline:

1.  Check your email inbox, spam, and filtered mail for your ballot.
2.  If you can't find your ballot, call the Bar at (801) 531-9077 and tell them you want to vote and insist on assistance.  You're a lawyer, so keep on it, and cut through the red tape.
3.  VOTE for Janise Macanas (that's me) and make sure you get confirmation of your vote.
4.  Contact 5 of your friends and explain all of the above.

Since there is a glitch which apparently affects government attorneys and more, the best chance I have to win is by using the voting tree strategy, where friends tell friends and spread the word.  Please join the "Janise Macanas Voting Tree" and get the word out that voting has started and please track down your ballot.  Thanks to all my friends and peeps who are putting my election message on FB and Twitter and who are out there watching my back.

Below is a message that you can copy and paste in your email and send to your friends:

"Dear Friends,
My friend Janise Macanas is running for 3rd District Bar Commissioner.  She is qualified for the position and very hard working.  She will not raise bar dues and will watch out for us when important decisions are made.  Online ballots have already been emailed and voting runs from Sept 27 - Oct 11.  Attorneys are reporting that they have not received any election messages or their ballots.  If you cannot track down your ballot, call the Bar at (801-531-9077) and tell them you want to vote. To view Janise's campaign message visit  I am confident Janise will do her part to bring positive changes to the Bar once elected.  Please do your your part and help her win by voting.   I already voted for Janise and encourage you to do the same. 
Regards, -----"

Imagine the Future

I get asked almost daily, why would you want to run for THAT?

Imagine this possibility:

"The Utah Bar Center, conveniently located in Salt Lake City, is the home of the lawyers and judges of Utah. It is their professional gathering place. It is dedicated to serve all members of the Utah Bar and the public through the administration of justice in the highest traditions of the legal profession. All Utah lawyers are welcome to enjoy their new Center today and for many decades to come.

Utah Attorneys may reserve the Bar Center's conference rooms free of charge for law-related meetings (food, drinks, and coffee are also available at cost).

The Bar Center's Lawyers Lounge provides an attractive environment for attorneys who need a place to relax between court or meetings, have a fresh cup of coffee or juice, enjoy the daily newspaper, connect with friends, use our free notary services and wi-fi,or check phone or e-mail messages."

Do you like the sound of this future Utah Bar Center?  There are State bars like this one and this one are already providing these services. 


"Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about." ~ (Ashleigh Brilliant)

Remember to take time to vote, "the future you see is the future you get.” ~ (Robert G Allen)

P.S.  Elections are in progress, polls close October 11.  If you did not get your ballot, contact the Bar at (801) 531-9077.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

U Law Extreme Makeover

The S. J. Quinney College of Law is getting an extreme makeover to the tune of $60 million.
If you have not been to the campus recently, things are quickly moving along in the construction zone.  The hardhats of Big D Construction have fenced off the site and a new law school structure is well underway.  This is what you see now, south of the main building as you look towards the stadium.  Parking near the school is pretty much non-existent.

To get to the main building and library, a nifty little ramp was constructed on the north side of the school to take you to the new entrance.  Once you get inside, things are pretty much the same. 


After seven years as the Dean of the College of Law, Hiram Chodosh left to be President of Claremont McKenna College, located 35 miles east of Los Angeles . . . . Chodosh has been gone since July 2013, but I kept feeling like he was looking over my shoulder. 

If you went to U Law and are feeling nostalgic, visit the campus soon and bid your farewell, changes are coming. 




Monday, September 16, 2013

A Little Introduction

Janise Macanas is an Assistant Attorney General with the Utah Attorney General’s Office Criminal Justice Division where she has practiced law for over fifteen years as felony prosecutor.  Janise received her J. D. from J. Reuben Clark Law School, a M.S. from Chapman University and has doctoral studies in Clinical and Counseling Psychology at United States International Univeristy-San Diego.  Janise has previously worked as a counselor, social worker, therapist, teacher, and adjunct professor at Utah Valley University.
Born and raised in Hawaii, Janise has been involved in various community, educational, and non-profit organizations and has a proven track record as a leader in the Utah legal community and as mentor to law students.  Janise most recently served as President of the Utah Minority Bar Association, member of the Utah Bar Ethics Advisory Opinion Committee, and currently serves at the Deputy President for Region XV of the Hispanic National Bar Association where she represents Utah attorneys at the national level.

Janise (right corner) "synergizing" with the Utah Minority Bar
A few trivia facts about Janise is that she was honored to receive the Utah Women of Achievement Award and was recently admitted to the United States Supreme Court.  Janise enjoys traveling around the globe with her family and sharing information relating to lawyering with the community and world at large.
Join 13,000+ followers on Twitter @lawyergirl3.

Read Janise's official campaign message  here.


Friday, September 13, 2013

Use the Back Door

If you walk into the Matheson courthouse and see one of these long snakey lines at the front, it means you are going to be about 15 minutes late.  How many times has this happened to you? 

I once saw friends L, D, & A come up to the front sidewalk of the courthouse, but instead of going in, they walked around the side to enter through the back door.  I asked why and they explained that coming in the back door saves time and the hassles of the long lines out front. 

This past summer, I started parking on the back side of the court, enjoyed the sunshine as I cut through the parking lot and came in the back door.  I rarely had to wait in line, the security detail went smoothly, and I felt very satisfied about my choice of using the back door, especially when I saw the snakey lines and lots of attorneys looking stressed at the front entrance.

I love hearing about simple things lawyers do to make work easier and stressfree.  So what's your favorite tip?  Synergize us!


Code Recycling

It's that time again, when my office gives me a new set of the Utah Code to use for the next year.  I feel guilty throwing out my old set which is usually in great condition.  I always wondered if there was an easy way to recycle these gently used editions.  Young lawyers, law students, and solo practitioners might like to have my old set but how would I find out who needed one?

Enter Synergy! 

If you need a 2012 set of the Utah State Code, let me know. 

If you have a set to recycle and share with others, let me know.

And if you have any tips to share about recycling and going more green, let us know. 


My husband and I were invited to an outdoor wedding at Hidden Falls, and the guests got caught in a big torrential downpour.  Fortunately, I keep a black umbrella tucked away in my car trunk to use as we moved indoors. 

My attorney friend RV, now retired, gave me that black umbrella.  He had a few extras and offered me one as I hurried to court one rainy day. I asked why RV had so many umbrellas and he said, "you never know when a friend will need one, take it, it's yours." 

Over the years, I have found umbrellas to be a great office-friendly gift that is gender-neutral and reasonably priced.  Doesn't hurt to keep an umbrella or two tucked away in your car or office for rainy days and sharing.

" Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others.” ~ Jean-Nicolas Bouilly